Web site makes finding accessible accommodation a breeze

I met one of the co-founders of Accomable, Srin Madipalli, at last month’s Abilities Expo.  A Spinal Muscular Atrophy survivor and wheelchair user, Srin describes Accomable as the AirBnB for disabled people.  Srin was attending the expo as they’re expanding their service in the U.S.


Through work with tourist boards in the UK and abroad, and with an adventurous nature, Srin and business partner Martyn Sibley have travelled all over the world and experienced some bumps along the road.  This is where the idea for Accomable developed.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if all accessible properties were listed in one place, with detailed access information about the property, the locality and services available?

The listings are quite detailed with a great deal of specificity with respect to the description of the accommodation, something completely missing from all the popular travel sites.

Accomable has also gotten a lot of positive press, some of which you can read on their web site.  As the site grows with increased listings, it promises to be a game changer for the travelling disabled.

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