UPDATES: Promises of stem cell therapy on SCI

We couldn’t help but notice a couple of blog postings on the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine blog site related to this topic.

Last month, the Keystone Symposia on Neurogenesis and Stem Cells was held in Lake Tahoe which featured a gathering of nearly 300 scientists and trainees from around the world. The first two sections of this posting involved exciting applications of stem cell therapy in SCI.

And we don’t mean to bring you down but this next posting featured the renowned Nobel Prize scientist, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, and his assessment of the state of stem cell therapies. Dr. Yamanaka’s concerns revolve around the potential over stating of the promise of stem cells in curing diseases. He brings some reality into what it takes to develop lines of stem cells for therapy.

Though stem cells are believed to be effective in dealing with numerous diseases and disorders, the good news for the SCI community is that he believes SCI is one area that can benefit from stem cell therapy. See, the glass is half full after all.

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