Test – Dance Flyer –

This event has already happened!

This is a test to find out if the flyer can be posted here and read by different browsers.  Please leave a comment indicating:

  1. Your OS (Windows 7, Windows XP Mac OSX 10.4.3, etc)
  2. Your Browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)
  3. Your feedback on how the flyer appears on your computer

Tuesday – March 6, 2012 Featured Guests: Jer Trainer “So You Think You Can’t Dance” Wheelchair Dance Project SCI Peer Resource Network Veterans Helping Veterans Through Experience NooN - 1 PM SCI Center PAD Bldg. 7 Dining Room Staff welcome to attend For more information, contact: Deane F. Denney VISN 21 SCI Center VA PA HCS 3801 Miranda Av., 128/PA Palo Alto, CA 94304 (650) 493-5000x64149 deanedenney@gmail.com thevahub@gmail.comThanks for your feedback!

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  1. Deane says:

    iMac 10.6.8 Safari Looks good.

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