Tackling the headache of raising funds

For many SCI survivors, the financial shock they come to face is often overwhelming. Non-covered expenses begin to pour in while the individual is still in the hospital or rehab facility. Yet, there’s not much time afforded to such individuals to begin making difficult decisions involving their finances.

There’s an organization called HelpHOPELive that can provide assistance that could go a long way toward overcoming these financial difficulties. Here’s how it works. They will assist you with your own fundraising efforts. That could include setting up your own GoFundMe account and page. They hold all your funds and then manage all the money you raise and pay your bills directly. They have a non-profit status which allows donations to your cause to be tax deductible. If you’re on governmental assistance programs such as Medicaid, your coverage would not be jeopardized since the money is not in your name.

What’s the catch? They get 4% of the funds you’ve raised to defray their administrative costs. Check them out at https://helphopelive.org/

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