Stem cell clinical trials resume at SCVMC

One of the pioneers of human embryonic stem cell therapy, Geron, had partnered with the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in 2010 to conduct the first-ever stage 1 clinical trials. Unfortunately, it abruptly halted its work in November of 2011 as it had decided to focus on its experimental cancer therapies, which are further along in development.

Through a new partnership with a new drug company and Stanford Medicine, SCVMC has just enrolled a new SCI survivor, Jake Javier, in a new attempt at conducting stem cell therapy clinical trials. Jake suffered his injury in a pool accident in early June and had just graduated from San Ramon Valley High School and was slated to attend Cal Poly. To read more about the history of this partnership, CLICK HERE.

More recently, KTVU Channel 2 anchorwoman, Julie Haener, reported on Jake and his progress on her Facebook page.

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