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“We want to help bring Gardening Therapy and Art Therapy to rehabilitation facilities, and we urge them to contact us at if they desire assistance in doing so.” is a website that helps promote gardening accessibility for both gardeners and the people who visit them.  Gardening has been called the most popular hobby, and often not enough attention is paid to it in rehab programs and in helping people resume working in their gardens while at the same time living with new disabilities.

The site includes plans for raised bed gardens, articles about assistive gardening tools, general gardening articles, and reprints from other interesting gardening sites. contains curated lists of a variety of resources from non GMO (genetically modified organisms) seed catalogs to other sites that write about accessible gardening.  The site also has a unique collection of “coloring books” with anatomically correct outline drawings of hundreds of plants.  The color books can be used in art therapy for people of all ages and abilities.  Click here and here to view the color books. is created and managed by Shirley Pinchev Sidell:

Photograph of Shirley SidellShirley Pinchev Sidell, M.F.A.

Avid expert gardener Shirley Pinchev Sidell is called a visionary by those who know her. Combined with her Master of Fine Arts in Photography, Shirley’s passion is her garden and taking photographs of flowers and plants from garden and gardens throughout the world. She is the founder of a website that was recognized as the first of its kind. Shirley is a popular speaker at Garden and Flower Shows, Garden Clubs and Senior Organizations.

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