SCI awareness rally in San Francisco

Everyone is encouraged to attend a rally in support of bicyclist Ian Anderson who is riding his bike from Alaska to Argentina, a 17,500 mile journey.

Anderson is actually an able-body bicyclist but his best friend, Natalie Fung, was involved in a vehicular accident involving a drunk driver and suffered SCI in September of 2013.

In his effort to raise awareness of the impact of SCI, Ian decided to devote himself to making this long trek and help raise a minimum of $20,000 that would go directly to the United Spinal Association.  But, it’s the awareness part that he’s truly focusing on, stopping along the trail for rallies, discussions, press events or fundraising events.  You can learn more from his website.

The rally is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 15-17 at the SF Civic Center.  For more details, contact the San Francisco Bay Area Spinal Network at

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