ReWalk Exoskeleton Study Launches; Bay Area Participants Needed

ReWalk Robotics is a medical device company that is designing, developing and commercializing exoskeletons allowing wheelchair-bound individuals to stand and walk once again.
ReWalk Robotics recently launched a multicenter clinical study in the U.S., with one site located in the Bay Area. The ReWalk exoskeleton device was cleared by the FDA in 2014 for people with spinal cord injury (T7-L5).

This post-market clinical study seeks to collect additional information on training with the device, as well as Quality of Life data when the device is used in the rehab setting, at home, and in the community.

ReWalk is looking to recruit 6-10 patients in the Bay Area for participation in the study. For more information on the study or ways to help, please contact Kathryn at

Thank you,

Kathryn Vaughn, PT, DPT
Business Development Manager West

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