Restoring Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Function after Spinal Cord Injury

The Berkeley SCI support group will host Dr. Graham Creasey, Professor of Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Stanford University, on Thursday, Jan. 12th to talk about Restoring Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Function after SCI.

Dr. Creasey has been working in the field of spinal cord injury for over 35 years with a special interest in restoring bladder, bowel and sexual function. He introduced into North America a pacemaker developed in Britain that is capable of producing erection as well as emptying the bladder and bowel, reducing infection and the use of catheters by men and women with SCI.


This technology has been utilized in over 4000 patients worldwide and Dr. Creasey is developing it further to make it more available to individuals with SCI. The presentation will describe the advances made and future directions in the control of bladder function.

The meeting takes place at the Ed Roberts Campus located at 3075 Adeline in Berkeley. For those unable to attend in person, the meeting will be broadcast on the web starting at 7 p.m. You may access it at The call-in phone number is (415) 655-0381 and the access code is 649-375-826 followed by #.

For additional questions, contact Tom Shankle at (415) 205-3882 or

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