Patterson Net Steering Team 1/27/2012 draft notes

Patterson Net Steering Team 1/27/2012 draft notes
Attending:  Franklin, Dean, Robert, Ron (notes taker)


Ron: talk to Chris Wilder about ordering a few nook color devices to be used as tablets
Ron: Talk to Judy Fong about android tablets.

Discuss laptop situation at VMC, most folks have access to laptops there

need online meeting tech be easy to use, not a barrier to end user

video for presentations, video out too all, audio and text for discussion at presentations


  • computer naive folks, Mac or nAbleOS, windows
  • Computer experienced, can use what they’re familiar with (Mac, Win, Netbook, iPad, Android tablet)

but show them what we can do with what we have.

Ron: get an nAbleOS laptop for Robert, Franklin
everyone get ready for g+ huddle for next meeting

Action item review
Hosted calendar (Ron, set up) done see discussion group – link to google calendar
Ron suggests that we write down our code of conduct, or rules for participating in group (draft posted to blog)
Ron post list of conferencing apps

What is our short term goal, for dual site meeting frequency?  target once a month?
demo/test meetings; at noon to check into Dean’s group
one combined meeting per month
select technology by April
get direct donations from Apple, Cisco, Adobe

target production meetings with patients in mid April?
have something flashy to demonstrate
Trial runs (on each campus) until we pick a solution

Ron look into privacy and anonymity issues

Use the discussion forum for planning or the blog

Ron, link blog and discussion forum calendars

more work: personal private information, use protected aliases, implement tight security controls, get informed consent, releases. avoid storing personally identifiable data.  web of trust

hospital bandwidth at VMC – Dean to follow up with Graham. QOS

by next week, use G+ huddle

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