Patterson-Net Meeting 1/13/2012

Following are my sketchy notes from our Skype meeting on Jan 13. Please post comments here on the blog if you have any corrections or additions.  thanks! -Ron

Patterson-Net Meeting 13-Jan-2012

Attending (via Skype): Franklin Elieh, Dean Denny, Robert Medel, Ron Sidell (notes taker)


How to keep people connected, despite their desire to isolate themselves
use techniques used by other organizations
a contact or support tree to personally follow-up, stay in touch proactively
example given: if someone fails to show up for a meeting then someone in the support tree pays them an in personal visit

young vs older patients; their tech needs and abilities will likely differ

eye to eye contact can help

“i don’t want to be part of that group”  syndrome; some people may benefit from passively watching one or more support sessions, even if they don’t want to go in person.

open channel idea with IM or IRC, someone always online to chat, like HAM radio

top priorities (see the wiki)

  1. joint presentations between facilities
  2. share “group” sessions

Ron: make a list of tech obstacles that will block folks from joining

mentioned nAbleOS, a free, accessible operating system that runs well on middle  aged and new computers. more info on nAbleOS will be available when it has been recovered from the crashed server at VMC (1/19/2012)

Greg at Cisco wants to be involved
think about getting cisco tools for this purpose (group videoconference)

finish project charter to be used to get proposals (its on the wiki)
circulate to the group

Ron: flesh out short and medium term goals
send wiki link info to everyone
Ron send project links to Franklin
next meting, on the 27th

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