Patient No More exhibit comes to Santa Rosa

San Francisco State University’s Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability invites you to the Patient No More traveling exhibit Oct. 14-21 at the Santa Rosa Junior College.


Discover a remarkable, overlooked moment in U.S. history when people with disabilities occupied a government building to demand their rights. Known as the “Section 504 Sit-In,” the protest profoundly changed the lives of people with and without disabilities, and paved the way for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990.

Two special events will be held during exhibit week to which you are invited:

Friday, October 14 from 5 pm – 7 pm. “Equal Education for All” – Carlo Rossi will discuss access to educatin for students in grades K-­‐12, and the challenges that parents, students and staff face to implement legal rights granted under Section 504. Rossi (of Sebastopol) is an Independent Child Advocate with Social Advocates for Youth. Refreshments will be provided.

Tuesday, October 18 at Noon. “Becoming Real in 24 Days” — HolLynn D’Lil will read from her book about the sit-­‐in and show slides about her first-­hand experience living inside with occupiers of the Federal building.  She covered the event for MS. Magazine. She is a Graton resident, an author, disability rights activist, and painter.

The Sonoma County SCI Support Group is hosting this event located at the Bertolini Student Center, 1501 Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa.  For more information, call (860) 614-8351 or by e-mail at

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