Notes from 12/02/2011 Paterson Net Steering Team

Patterson-Net-Mtg-20111202 2:30 pm (via Skype)
Graham, Dean, Robert, Ron (notes taker)

Passwords, authentication, who can get in to an online session

need standards for who can get in and who cannot

keeping outsiders from finding out who’s in “group” and maintaining privacy about attendees (some vendors want to have access to these groups to present info on their products. Vendors are excluded from participating in these typpes of group discussions, whether electronic or physical)

anonymity contrasted with strong authentication

group meetings, camera on the moderator, remote users ask questions by typing in their questions

link the groups as the starting point,
one speaker per month one at each site

online group forum topics

  • sexuality *
  • bladder/bowl management
  • recreation *
  • avoiding bed sores
  • acquiring equipment (vans, wheelchairs, ramps, phones, apps, computers)
  • disability law
  • in home support services

ron, create accounts for the folks in this group for the forum

minimum, see the moderators, hear the whole group, text in questions to the moderator

Next mtg of this group, include Franklin Elieh, who leads the group sessions at VMC
everything stays within the group, be truthful, honest, feel free to excuse yourself if a topic makes you uncomfortable.

Ron suggests that we write down our code of conduct, or rules for participating in group

Judy Fong will be talking about computers at the next VA group mtg
12-1 pm on Tuesday
goal: Use Skype to connect in Dean, Robert, Ron, plus on in bed patient from each site
ask for feedback from participants, what would it take for this to be a great service

VMC Monday group  meetings are at 4 pm for inpatients
thursday, 3rd thursday, is open to the public, 6:30 to 8:30 (often have guest speakers)
quarterly special guest speakers

VA meetings are at noon, twice a month

goal: let inpatients participate from their bed

maybe use an anonymous dropbox for sensitive questions?

goal: building a sense of community

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