Notes from 10/21/11 Meeting

Hi, and welcome to the Patterson Net blog!  This blog is a work in progress, so please be patient while we work on the infrastructure and content.

Disclaimer:  Following are my notes from the project team meeting held on Friday, 10/21/11.  Because of a scheduling problem, Robert Madel from Valley Medical Center was unable to join the discussion.  But we decided to go ahead and meet without Robert.  As a result, all decisions are provisional, pending Robert’s input and guidance. Robert will be scheduling another meeting of this group, sometime in the near future.


Notes: (unapproved)

10/23/2011 at 4 PM

Dr. Graham Creasey, Dean Denny, Ron Sidell, Robert Madel
Note: Due to scheduling problems, Robert was unable to attend


Status at PAVA

Graham is using 4g
but gets error: Skype will not wrk with with a private or closed network

Bandwidth problems are about to be conquered at VA through use of MiFi (cellular) connections

The Server is in place now at VMC, can be used as a hub for storing video and hosting of other groupware such as blog, web, discussion groups and secure instant messaging (IM).

Want to use non institution computers and non-institutional networks

Protected patient information: Patients can disclose whatever she/he wants, but does that absolve us of HIPPA responsibility?

Idea: Get signed disclosure for participants in advance regarding what’s going to happen with their possibly protected data.
Need clarification about what is the scope of HIPPA, does it apply to personally owned computers

PVA (Paralysed Veterans of America) can own the system, or whatever foundation is present at each hospital.

meetings at what time? where to hold these meetings at each location

meetings at lunch and dinner time weekly?  some meeting can be open topic?
Monthly meetings
weekly meetings
speaker (invites) meetings (recorded for long term storage)
speaker meetings where attendees at both sites can ask questions

Skype has been used successfully, including for watching a dvd, followed by questions and answers session

Starting web page with links to content, software
What are the ready made solutions that can be used?
Phases, start simple
Keep list of what are possible solutions,

Talk to Mark about what he has discovered video  (Ron, contact Mark)
Check about Mark/Ann’s proposal about e-mentoring proposal to VMC (grants didn’t get funded)

Hosted calendar (Ron, set up)

Ron, talk with Mark Wartenberg

keep it simple

Content providers?
Family members and caregivers (supporting each other, supporting folks who deal with caregiver)

Authentication (Web of Trust?)

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