Life Goes On Foundation Debuts Support Group

PNP blogger, Nick Struthers, went along to the first Support Group Meeting in San Lorenzo hosted by Arthur Renowitzky, founder of Life Goes On Foundation.

Arthur expects to meet monthly at the San Lorenzo Library which is located at 395 Paseo Grande, San Lorenzo.

As myself and Kevin arrived in the parking lot, we realized that the meeting would be held in the library. The modern library building is the perfect venue, easily accessible with the latest amenities. The spacious conference room had the latest technology video displays and sound system which was perfect for the multi media presentation that Arthur delivered.

This was the first time I had met Arthur and he was every bit as charming and engaging as his appearances on numerous TV interviews had suggested. The bulk of the audience were young enthusiastic volunteers who were keen to engage with the Foundation’s work.  Just go to the web site’s calendar to see when the next meetings are scheduled.  PNP wishes Arthur all the best in this exciting initiative and encourage anyone in the area to get involved.

Kevin Lee (SCVMC Peer Supporter) pictured with Arthur (to the right)

Look out for an interview with Arthur on PNP soon as he’ll discuss his work with the Life Goes On Foundation.

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