Invention Ideas Needed for Stanford Course

David Jaffe, who teaches Perspectives in Assistive Technology at Stanford University, is soliciting student project ideas from the community for the course starting this January. The course teaches students about the needs of the disabled community, and about how to take an identified need and solve it with a new invention. Each year, the course starts off with a number of project suggestions, presented by other students, health care professionals, members of the disabled community, as well as friends and family members.

If you have an idea for something new that can be “made” that would help solve an unmet need faced by the disabled or elderly, here’s your chance to see your idea become a reality. If your idea is selected, you will get a chance to work with a team of Stanford students to guide them and work with them as they develop a prototype device that addresses the problem. Click this link to read the submission requirements.

To get your idea considered, please contact Dave via email.

Click here read the latest newsletter for the course.

Perspectives in Assistive Technology is a Winter Quarter Stanford course – now anticipating its twelfth year – that explores the design, development, and use of assistive technology that benefits people with disabilities and older adults. It consists of semi-weekly classroom discussions; lectures by notable professionals, clinicians, and assistive technology users; tours of local medical, clinical, and engineering facilities; student project presentations and demonstrations; an assistive technology faire; and a film screening. Organization of the coming year’s course is underway, with the first class session in January.

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