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PNP Blogger, Nick Struthers, recently spoke to Jeanette Ali, Executive Director of the Sacramento Spinal Foundation, and found out about the great work they are doing for the SCI Community in Sacramento and Yolo Counties.

Founded by her husband, Sonny Ali (T-5), in the summer of 2015, the Sacramento Spinal Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the life of individuals with spinal cord injuries and their families in Sacramento & Yolo Counties. Their goal is to raise awareness of this disability and provide resources and financial assistance to SCI survivos for intensive physical & occupation therapy rehabilitation.

It was clear to me that Jeanettte was passionate and driven about making a difference in the SCI community where she and Sonny live. During his inpatient rehab in a local Sacramento Hospital in early 2015, Sonny noticed how little support or information was available to SCI individuals in the Sacramento region. Sonny saw a genuine need to support other SCI survivors and family members navigate the challenges such an injury can bring and less than a year after his own injury, he and Jeanette founded the Sacramento Spinal Foundation.

I had a frank and open discussion with Jeanette on some of the challenges setting up and running an organization that has to support individuals as well as work effectively with the large medical establishment. I have to thank Jeanette for giving me a candid insight into her own experience in setting up such an organization along with some valuable pointers on how to work with medical institutions to leverage support to help the SCI community.

Visit their web site for more information on the Sacramento Spinal Foundation  programs and events.

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