Innovative drinking aid designed to help those living with physical disabilities

The PNP team witnessed first hand the buzz fleximug created at November’s Abilities Expo in San Jose. The fleximug booth was diagonally opposite from our own and we saw many wheelchair users and family members stop by and purchase the innovative products.

Based in Emeryville, this company was founded by David Cardell and to quote the words on their website:
“From the very beginning, our objective as a company was always clear: people with severe disabilities need – and deserve – everything we can adapt, cobble-together and invent, to empower them and tangibly improve the quality of their lives. In our case, it’s a patented hands-free drinking aid that is truly superior to any other on the market, and a unique bedside table that creates possibilities where before there were only inconveniences. For us, can-do trumps can’t-do every time.”

To find out more about fleximug’s products, just go to their website at

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