First time at Levi Stadium

Went to my first post-chair concert, and first time at Levi to see the good ol’ Grateful Dead.

Got the tickets through the opening lottery, so I had to exchange them for accessible seating. Ticketmaster was friendly but useless. Levi was helpful, with a dedicated phone number. While at the show I heard another chair user say he had handicapped number AND a name from Levi in case there were problems.

Heading to the venue, handicapped parking was clearly marked and close to the stadium. Accessible seating is open rows marked for 12 chairs, with a railing in front. Levi ushers stand at both ends of the row to keep  people from banging into us from behind.  Pretty cool. Sunday show, not so much. Cheap seats in the sun and wind, with a lazy usher.

Leaving the show was a breeze. I think they had a dedicated exit lane for handicap parkers.

All in all, a pretty pleasant experience.


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