Draft notes: Patterson Net Steering Team 2/3/2012

Patterson-Net Steering-Team-2/3/2012


Classes at VA
Peer support at VMCF
Mike Cashman gives classes at VMC

We  are looking for the right technology to use for these broadcast style presentations

Presentation on Feb 16th, presentation at Camden Community Center at 6:30 pm
Robert will bring his laptop to broadcast
Dean will invite in A few of the VA patients
plus this team

does Facetime run on non apple computers? and tablets?

Craig: Be sure to have problem statement clearly defined
Do we need to record presentations?

The VA has a simple tool that records videos

bandwidth for wireless networking at VA? Dean will follow up with Graham

In April Dean will ask for laptops at presentation to Lions club

Franklin, will try to clean up material for the wiki
Next Friday, Franklin will be unavailable, so skip next Friday meeting

Needed: Privacy statement at the beginning of each meeting
each session, recording is happening, allowed, or forbidden

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