Draft notes: Patterson-Net Steering-Team 2/17/2012


Patterson-Net Steering-Team-2/17/2012

Dance Party 6-Mar 12-1 pm
originates back east

Dean will send out a sample brochure
idea students at both locations, with able bodied dance partners.

Need a big screen TV – Hook it up to a computer with HDMI with Google Hangout
can we use the big screen in 2 center dayroom?

would like to connect therapists in each facility

make this a regular event sponsored by rec therepy

Last night’s presentation (was great, a bit fuzzy)
started late (7 pm)
next time, use an external camera, and a mic (bluetooth)
research cameras (Dean, Ron will research)

slides are up on google docs

blog about my health net – cvs experience, then link to it from forum

Franklin and Ron did not make any progress, will continue when when Franklin is better

Ron, invite Dean and Robert to the issues google doc

Ron, add Craig as a contrib to forum and blog – he be an adviser mostly

Dean checked calendar functionality, it worked on the blog!

lost Robert at 3:50 pm

Dean got google hangout working on iPhone

Dean’s laptop has 2 GB, Mac book pro

Status on netbooks:
Ron is working on them, should have ready for testing soon

2nd Sat every month, DeAnza electronics flea market

Dean will bug Dr Creasy about buying dedicated laptop, camera, mic, and flatscreen for presentations.

Dean will try to get dance people to join our next meeting.

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