draft notes, Patterson Net Steering Team 05-26-2012

Attendance: Dean, Ron (notes), Robert, Franklin

Reeve Foundation presentation, at the VA
Scott Chesney spoke, from the Reve foundation
Ron: contact E. Nielson re Reve Foundation, Packard Foundation grant requests
James Principato was at the meeting, spoke with Scott, we should mention his name in any grant requests.

Questions about WebEx
Needs an app on every client? (sort of)
Can be viewed by a simple web browser? (sort of. need media viewers, plus Oracle Java)
Can we set up a conference call to talk with us, to answer? (yes)
How accessible is their client list? (what is the question here?)
General usability?
Are the clients free? (yes)
Are the viewers free? (yes)
storage space
catalog of presentations
storage expenses for video

Get a trial version, Ron will order (done)
test next Tuesday at 3 pm
try to get Judy, Graham, Kevin, Robert, and Craig to join us for further testing next Friday.

bandwidth at VA, will be paid for by the VA
Content providers (for the blog)
approval process? Robert will follow up
caution (from Franklin): can be difficult to find reliable content providers
advertising revenue
Ron add for sale/trade section to forum (done)

Ron ask Chris about budget request, and permission to work  with Elizabeth
reminder: June 21st remembering Richard Patterson

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