draft notes, Patterson Net Steering Team 05-11-2012

Attendance:Dean, Ron (notes) , Robert

Dean, working on getting money for bandwidth

Aug 25th, Infineon racetrack event for disabled. Dean can get free passes, VMC and other attendees need to arrange their own transportation. Ron, invite folks from Kentfield rehab?
May 30th SCI Connections
June 22 SCI Connections (remembering Rich Patterson)
wants it to be an uplifting event, Rich loved skydiving, for example

Robert spoke with Debbie
20 Laptops shared between 1st center, 2nd center, RTC
Stick with our current laptops
Robert will borrow a laptop
Debbie using free AVG
Dr McKenna might have a WebEx account we can use! Robert will check out
Webcams are old

Would be really nice/helpful for Judy Fong and Debbie B to link up

Demonstrations, small scale use Google Hangout

Robert working with someone who’s willing to donate $5k periodically for a needy person to get home mods specced and installed.

Anonymous email for submitting peer support anonymous questions
Dean will be talking to wheelchair dancing person on Monday, will try to get

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