draft notes, Patterson Net Steering Team 05-04-2012

Robert, Dean, Franklin, Ron

Kevin will be gone for the next two weeks

Craig sent a doc to Franklin, which Franklin will forward to us
Requirements needs to be written down
scalable to over 50 members
store videos for later review
simple for the audience

Robert – Debbie too meet next week if possible
HIPPA – notify patients, use existing form – no info patients identity must be protected


Laptops 5 for VMC (guestimate) Ron write up min spec
Screens (50 inch and or 46 inch) and cabling and connectors
2 cameras
web conferencing software or service
cabinets, wall mounts
cable guides (keep it neat and organized)
anti-virus for all machines
any needed bandwidth

Franklin will put together a list and Ron will add specifications

startup and ongoing costs
November Abilities Expo in San Mateo Expo
SCI Maters May 30
Aug, Infineon Raceway, SCI event

Grant writer?
ask: Paralyzed Veterans, Reeve Fouundation for funding? Ron will work with grant writer at VMCF.

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