Draft notes, Patterson Net Steering Team 03-16-2012

Attendance: Dean Denny, Mike Wirth, Robert Medel, Ron Sidell (notes taker)

Last night’s SCI Connections presentation on brain to electronic connection (for controlling devices) went well.

Dean has a video of the wheelchair dancing training, will send it to Ron for changing to to a more general format that can be posted online.

Mike will participate in this project, as an invited guest, on an occasional basis

  • used to work for Adobe, will ask them about donations
  • Mike showed a wearable sensor that connect wirelessly to a computer
  • Mike has a booth at maker fairer in May
    Ron mentioned Intel’s sensor initiative
Mike will take on the task of:
  • invitation to maker faire (in May, in San Mateo)
  • discussion with head of sawdust shop about accessibility
  • discussion with head of military technology museum for potential field trip

RC car presentation coming – Dean

In June, wheelchair dancing coming to the Bay Area
Dean will follow up on another remote wheelchair session.

Dean talked about an Infineon racetrack event for the disabled VA
idea get a busload from VMC to join the VA folks at the event
could have trouble getting therapists to help transport? Robert will talk to Scott, head of Rec Therapy

Goal:  getting to the shut-ins at home, who cannot get into attend the peer support meetings
peer support though the entire support process (not sure I captured this correctly -rs)

categories of people we want to get involved

  1. people about to leave the hospital
  2. people who just left hospital
  3. people who have been out for a while

“mentor” program to help one on one, as people pass through the above three categories. The idea is that each patient will be connected with a specific peer support contact that will stay connected to them as they progress through the above categories.
Kevin Lee wants to participate

Ron to contact Kevin.

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