Draft minutes: Patterson Net Steering Team Meeting 2/24/2012

Patterson-Network-Steering Team Meeting 2/24/2012


Attending: Dean, Ron (notes taker)

RC cars, in Union City.  champion races
One of the organizers is going to come down to the VA in April

12:30 next Thursday
google hangout with Dean’s camera and laptop
Demonstration/and proof of principle, can we share this kind of thing over the internet?

CARF is coming in to check the VA (over next Friday)
50 presentations put together since peer support was set up by Dean in 2008
how to record presentations and meetings; Dean found a way to do that, will look at it on Monday

Dean is on Santa Clara County watchdog board of advisors
will send me info, in case I’m interested

Discussion about how to get a caregiver
Dean, please write down your process

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