abilityJOBS working with the disabled community

PNP blogger, Franklin Elieh, recently learned about abilityJOBS, an online community that seeks to match disabled job seekers with employers hiring specifically from this community.

It must be a well-kept secret even though they’ve been around since 1995.  The site provides businesses with an opportunity to find qualified persons with disabilities as well as demonstrate OFCCP Compliance, affirmative action and open door policies.

Job seekers must post their resume which allows them to search their database of positions available.  However, your resume will remain anonymous until you allow the employer to contact you.

abilityJOBS helps businesses comply with Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act— any contract in excess of $10,000 entered into by any Federal department or any agency for the United States shall contain a provision requiring that the company contracting with the U.S. shall take affirmative action to employ qualified individuals with disabilities.

They’re also offering a free subscription to their digital magazine, ABILITY.

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